Melodeep ry

Melodeep ry is a nonprofit organization that came to be because we felt there was room in Finland for electronic music events of a particular kind. That is, events that are driven by values like freedom, sense of community and non-commerciality. The events organized by Melodeep ry took place in July 2020 and August 2021 in Espoo, Finland. The reception was heartwarmingly positive ❤ We saw that there would also be demand for a festival-sized event so we decided set things moving!

We initially planned the first Melodeep festival for 2021 but we came to the conclusion that the only situation where we want to organize a festival is one that allows for a level of carefree freedom that we feel is fundamental to the spirit of the event. If you want to participate in some way (art, food, drinks, performance, etc), you can send us a free-form message to . If you’d like to participate in the festival as a supporter and get free admission, you can apply by filling out the supporter form.

The folks behind Melodeep Festival include people who have been involved in organizing and building other electronic music events and festivals in Finland.

Melodeep ry – organization rules (in Finnish)